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About McKnight


McKnight Associates Inc. is a business provider of Engineering Services to the Aerospace Community.  

Founded in 1989, we have been supporting our customers around the globe with targeted solutions for their specific needs. Our clients include most of the largest domestic and overseas aerospace companies from Satellite Operators, Satellite Manufacturers and End Users. Our customers also include small and mid-size firms striving to step up the marketplace, but not possessing the management or technical skill sets needed. Our experience ranges from commercial communications satellites and their related ground support systems, to meteorological, scientific and/or military satellites.  We are registered and licensed with the Department of State and are very familiar with Technical Assistance Agreements.

We are a team of engineering and management specialists from RCA/General Electric/Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Space Systems/Loral and Orbital Sciences, amongst others.  Each specialist is carefully selected to satisfy the specific needs of our customer. The capabilities of these individuals are well known to McKnight, since we have worked with most of them directly in support of spacecraft programs, since our inception. Our staff also supports Expert Witness and Testimony cases and we have significant experience in that arena.

The McKnight organizational structure provides the economic advantages and flexibility inherent in a matrix-type engineering pool upon which program and project managers can draw to support their specific needs. We have the resources that can go anywhere, anytime and achieve your objectives. Suffice it to say that our capabilities in Aerospace range from the design of components, subsystems/systems, both Bus & Payload, PDR’s /CDR’s/MRR’s/TRR’s, launch support, In-Orbit station keeping and In-orbit anomaly investigations of  any type of Satellite.

With limited Commercial & DOD space budgets a reality, McKnight has been leveraging our engineering and management expertise to diversify into non-aerospace markets. We also see the opportunity to support foreign customers directly as we have proven with our recent Japanese monitoring contracts. This area continues to evolve with changes in ITAR and Commerce regulations. We look forward to supporting your projects and programs with custom tailored solutions. We have long standing relationships with our present customers and have gained a   reputation as one of the most respected consulting firms in the US. We hope to work develop more client and continue to grow and diversify in the years ahead.